Spot the Ball at Football Pools

Who can forget those days of studying the black and white photo on the back of the pools coupon and trying to guess where the ball is, now thanks to the relaunched Football Pools website you can now do it the modern way online and win £5,000 for the cost of just a pound.

How to Play

Each week the Football Pools website will show a typical photo that will appear with several footballers on and the football has been removed and it is your task to click on the screen and decide where you beleive the ball should be.  The photo will be on the site for about 7 days and you have the chance to win a £5,000 jackpot if you are the only player to choose correctly, should more than one person be spot on the jackpot is shared with all winners.

Firstly you need to decide how many chances you would like to have, the options are:

  • 2 crosses = £1.00
  • 5 crosses = £2.00
  • 15 crosses = £4.50

Once you have made all of your choices (or you can choose lucky dip and let the computer decide) they are given grid references and sent off to Spot the Ball HQ.   The photo will be removed after a week and all entries will be scanned and checked and then the winners will be annouced.  Should no one win then the money is rolled over onto the next weeks game.  Every month there will be betting offers available that will give you free bets depending on how much you stake.

£75 Welcome Bonus!
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