Top Trumps

Who does not love playing Top Trumps?  Now thanks to the new football pools website you can play it for fun or even better for real money using your expert knowledge of the players, two different packs are currently available to bet on World Football and Football Legends.

How to Play

For those of you that had their childhood robbed or just need a refresher the way to play Top Trumps online is that once you have deposited your funds or you can  just play the freeplay version, the cards are dealt to 2 players, yourself and the computer.

You are given 15 cards each and from here you can choose to play your hand once the first card is dealt.  You are given various statistics on the player and your choice must be the best i.e. tallest, most goals scored etc each of these stats give you odds so if you have an old player your odds of winning more money are increased and vice versa.  Should you choose the winning statistic your money is put into a pot and you go on to the next card,at all times you can see what cards are left in the pack and at anytime you can choose to cash in your money and run.

Football Legends

As the name suggests this has the worlds greatest football legends in its pack from way back to start of the century with Sir Stanley Matthews up to whipper snappers like Wayne Rooney. The breakdown of the cards statistics for this game is as follows:

  • Year of Birth - The youngest player wins.
  • Int Caps - Player with the most international caps wins.
  • Int Goals - Player who has scored the most international goals wins.
  • No of Clubs - The player who has had the most clubs in their career wins.
  • Honours - Player with the most honours wins.
  • Hall of Fame - Player with the most Hall of Fame entries wins.

World Football Stars

This pack of cards is based on todays stars of the games and is much easier to play for those people who like their Premiership football.

  • Born - The youngest player wins.
  • Height - The tallest player wins.
  • Rising Star - Player who is deemed to be more of a rising star wins.
  • Caps - The player who has had the most international caps wins.
  • Int. Goals - Player with the most international goals wins.
  • Int.Experience - Player with the most experience wins.
£75 Welcome Bonus!
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