Famous Pools Wins

Over the course of the Football Pools 85 year history it has made many millionaires and most players have won a prize is some form no matter how small its been, in total around 3 billion pounds has been paid out in prize money by the football pools phenomenon.

Viv Nicholson

One of the most famous football pools winners was Viv Nicholson the wife of a miner who declared she would "spend, spend, spend". She kept her promise and quickly ploughed through their winnings of £152,000 (worth just over £2 million by today's standards, spending it on cars, holidays and a lot of parties. Her life story was even made into a successful West End musical that ran for over 2 years from 1998 - 2000 and starred Barbara Dickson.

How to play the Classic Pools

Elaine & Tommy McDonagh

Elaine's football pools jackpot came after the couple scraped together 80 pence to buy 2 extra lines on their football pools coupon, and it was the third line that won. At the time they were jobless and living on £90 a week payments from the social security. The win allowed them to have the honeymoon they missed out as they married at 16 and to upgrade their battered 7 year old Datsun to a shiny new BMW.

Rodi Woodcock

Rodi became the first Littlewoods Pools double millionaire and sixth woman to be made a millionaire thanks to Littlewoods.  She won her £2,072,220 jackpot from a stake of just 54 pence, her numbers came from family birthday's and anniversaries and had been using the same numbers for six years.

Yew Tree Inn Syndicate

In November 2004 the highest ever pools win was recorded the same week the National Lottery started it was £2,924,622 and was shared amongst regulars at the Yew Tree Inn public house in Manchester.  The Pools helped to create many early social networks by getting friends and colleagues to pool their money together to create syndicates.

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